Analog Research Lab.

In 2010 Ben Barry set up the Facebook Analog Research Lab in an unused corner of the campus. The initial purpose of the space was to help create graphics for the upcoming F8 conference but before long it involved into something much bigger.

Bold typographic posters started popping up all over the campus. “Stay focused and keep shipping” and “Move fast and break things” were just some of the sayings used to promote and inspire shared values.

Although there is a contradiction in a tech start-up having a print workshop, I think there is a wisdom in what Ben and the Analog Research lab team were advocating.

Apart from the style and aesthetic of these posters, there is something about the medium that resonates. They are raw and imperfect. They can be removed or painted over but they leave an impression that a keynote slide rarley does.

As we move to increasingly digital world, I think it’s important to remember the impact of communicating is different ways.

Gary Hustwit Urbanized Original print workshop

Gary Hustwit Urbanized Early typographic posters

Gary Hustwit Urbanized The hacker way

Gary Hustwit Urbanized Employee handbook

Gary Hustwit Urbanized


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