Hello, I’m Aaron. A Sydney-based Product Designer.

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Over the past ten years I have focused on designing things that help people understand and act upon complex information. Whether that's geospatial projections or trading data, the goal has been to create products that are simple, innovative and empowering.

This experience has taught me a lot about what it takes to build great teams and products. Especially the importance of creating consensus, empathy and a clear design vision. But, most of all, the value in scaling and compounding positive change.

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Designing for high-risk trading environments.

Trading is hard. Designing a trading platform isn't any easier. As Lead designer, I spent over three years helping IG design and build a new generation of task orientated trading applications.

Designing an augmented retail experience.

Technology is most powerful when it empowers everyone. That's why as part of the mobile team, I helped deliver a more personal, convenient and accessible shopping experience for millions of Australians.

Designing aerial maps, from the ground up.

Seeing the world from a new angle can provide a completely different perspective. At Nearmap, we are creating geospatial tools that aim to profoundly change the way people work.



On Building Insanely Great Products.

Steve Jobs

In January 1983 Steve Jobs began a company retreat with three "Sayings from Chairman Jobs", intended to inspire the team and set the tone for the meeting...